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Maggie Smith

Name: Maggie Smith

Major: Civil Engineering

Year: 3rd Year

Hometown: Augusta, GA

Study Abroad Program: Art & Architecture in Greece & Italy

I am a second year Civil Engineering student at Georgia Tech. I am currently the Outreach Chair for the Catholic Center, a Member at Large for Ramblin’ Reck Club, the Design Editor for the TBook, the cartoonist for the Technique, and the Corresponding Secretary for Tau Beta Pi. Past involvement I have had at Tech includes Freshmen Council, Dance Marathon’s Donations Chair, and Service Chair in Lambda Sigma.

This summer I am studying abroad in Greece, Turkey, and Italy. I would ultimately like to use my education for a career in historical restoration, and this trip with its focus on art and architecture in Italy and Greece will help me lay the foundations of my architectural history knowledge by tracing the foundations of western art and architecture. This blog will trace my journey through the Mediterranean.

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