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Matlock Rogers

Name: Matlock Rogers
Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Year: 3rd Year
Hometown: Roswell, GA
Study Abroad Program: Beijing-Singapore Programme

Hi, My name is Matlock and I’m a rambling, gambling, hell of an engineer at Georgia Tech. On campus I stay active with Student Government, Wesley Foundation, a social fraternity, and activities with the PS Programme.
I also like to run, eat, read, and use anything made by Apple.

This summer I’ll be studying with about 30 other Georgia Tech Students first at National University of Singapore for five weeks, and then another 6 weeks at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Our courses will be focused on Industrial Engineering curriculum, specifically logistics, manufacturing, and economic decision analysis. On some weekends I plan to travel to Thailand, Malaysia, and throughout China. Follow me on this website or on my other blog, www.wherethehellismatlock.com.

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