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Megan McDonough

Name: Megan McDonough

Year: 2nd

Major: Architecture

Hometown: Ambler, Pa

Study Abroad Program: Barcelona Summer Program

I am a second year architecture student from Pennsylvania (go out-of-state-ers) and am thrilled to have just completed my first year at Tech.  Honestly, I didn’t even want to come home at the end of the semester.  At school, I’m involved in my sorority, GT HEROs, and Connect with Tech (it’s definitely worth going to if you’re considering Tech).

This summer I’ll be studying abroad in Barcelona, doing two architecture courses, a Spanish introduction (I don’t know any Spanish yet), and a Computer Science Design course.  I’m hoping to take a lot of time getting to know the city and some of it’s surrounding areas, and maybe even venture into other regions of Europe.  We’ll see what the summer brings.

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