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Megan Sweeney

Megan Sweeney

Name: Megan Sweeney

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Year: 2nd Year

Hometown: Alpharetta, GA

Study Abroad Program: Oxford Study Abroad Program

Hey everyone! My name is Megan Sweeney, and I just finished my first year at Tech! I have absolutely loved my first two semesters here and have had the opportunity to get involved with many organizations outside the classroom. I joined a FLO (freshman leadership organization), freShGA where I met an amazing group of people and had a chance to plan an event for the entire student body my first semester on campus. I am also a part of Women’s Recruitment Team (your welcome boys!), a social sorority, the Parking and Transportation Committee under SGA, and the Institute of Industrial Engineers. Additionally, I will be a host for Connect with Tech in the fall!

The Oxford Study Abroad program is an 11 week program, where I will spend one week taking classes in Atlanta, four weeks touring Europe and taking a music and architecture classes, and six weeks at Oxford University taking two additional classes! During the first four weeks I will visit Florence, Rome, Venice, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Paris, and Brugge; I know, that’s a lot to cover in just four weeks, but I love to travel so I’m up for it. Also, during the six weeks at Oxford we have long weekends so I plan to visit a few additional cities. Right now I’m considering London, Amsterdam, Dublin, and Interlaken. But wherever I end up going I know this summer is going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to leave!

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