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Michael Hodgson

Name: Michael Hodgson
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Year: 4th Year
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Program: Oxford Study Abroad
      Hey all!  My name is Michael Hodgson and it’ll be my fourth year at Tech starting this fall!  I have been very involved with different organizations on campus, including TEAMBuzz, MOVE, Marching Band, and Sigma Gamma Tau (Aerospace Honor Society).  While on campus, I work as the administrator of the Cyberbuzz/Jacketpages system in addition to working for the Office of the President’s Scholarship as a student assistant.  I have also enjoyed the privilege of serving as a co-op for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in their Flight Test and Advanced Composites Programs.
        The Oxford study abroad program is a ten-week program involving four weeks of scheduled traveling followed by six weeks of residence at Worchester College, Oxford.  In the first four weeks, I will visit Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, France, England, and Belgium!  We will stop in a number of cities in each country to experience the art, architecture, music, and cultural differences that make every country unique.  Once that journey concludes, we come to rest at Oxford, where we will live and take classes for six weeks, allowing for further travel on weekends!  Hope you find this entertaining and interesting as you join me on my journey through Europe!


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