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Siobhan Gallagher

Name: Siobhan Gallagher

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Year: 2nd Year

Hometown: Savannah, GA

Study Abroad Program: Georgia Tech Lorraine

My name is Siobhan Gallagher and I’ve just competed my first year as a baby Yellow Jacket! Since coming to Tech I have gotten involved in a social sorority, the Women’s Recruitment Team, MOVE (Georgia Tech’s service organization) and freShGA, one of Tech’s freshman leadership organizations. FreShGA gave me the opportunity to plan a huge campus wide event my first semester of college. I was able to meet dozens of other motivated freshmen through freShGA and I am so excited to be able to continue next year as a sophomore advisor! I also recently became a member of Georgia Tech’s Honor Advisory Council, a student organization striving to promote honor awareness around campus.

I chose to study abroad through the Georgia Tech Lorraine program because of the classes it offers and the flexibility to travel on weekends.  GTL offers a wide range of subjects, including many engineering courses taught by the same professors as the Georgia Tech Atlanta campus during the regular school year. Also, unlike most study abroad programs, at GTL we will have three-day weekends to plan our own trips and explore Europe however we like. Whether I’ll be spending the weekend shopping in Paris, exploring the history of Germany, or flying to Ireland to visit relatives, I can’t wait to begin my adventures!

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