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Steffan Slater

Name: Steffan Slater

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Year: 3rd Year

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama

Program: Georgia Tech Lorraine


Hi there!  My name is Steffan Slater and I’ve just finished my second year at Tech.  I participate in Humans versus Zombies at GT and have worked as an administrator for HvZ games.  I’m also part of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Tech, as well as practicing the martial arts tae kwon do and aikido.  I’m part of the co-op program and just finished my first rotation at GE-Aviation in Cincinnati, Ohio.


This summer I’m studying abroad at Georgia Tech Lorraine, a satellite campus of Georgia Tech based in Metz, France.  The program lasts all summer, 10 weeks, and offers a wide variety of courses, including in-major engineering courses.  Professors at GTL are Tech faculty who have the “rough” assignment of teaching in Europe for the summer.



1. Eileen Rumon - June 25, 2011

We look forward to all your blogs. We are very happy for you and very envious of you experiences


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