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Thevuthasan Senthuran

Name: Thevuthasan Senthuran

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: 2nd Year

Hometown: Kennewick, WA

Study Abroad Program: Georgia Tech Lorraine

Bonjour everyone! I am Senthuran and I am a second year looking to become a junior after I finish this summer. I just came off my co-op at Mercedes-Benz US International and figured what better way to take summer classes than in Europe?! I enjoyed my co-op and it was a great learning experience with the added perks of not having any hw or tests. I am big time tennis fanatic to all those who know me so I hope to catch a bit of Wimbledon as well as the French Open while in Europe.

I am spending this summer at Georgia Tech Lorraine near Metz, France. The classes maybe challenging but the trips make every minute spent inside worthwhile. I am very thrilled and excited see as much of Europe as much as I can. There are plans in the works to see Germany, Spain, London, Italy and France. I left May 15th for one exciting European summer with a large group of travelers. So far the experience has been great and please stay tuned for my posts.



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