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Wade Cotton

Name: Wade Cotton

Major: Architecture

Year: 4th Year

Hometown: Suffolk, VA

Program: Barcelona Study Abroad Program

Hey everyone! My name is Wade Cotton, and I will be entering my last year at Tech come this Fall. When I get back to Tech, I will resume my responsibilites as President of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, one of the many great Greek organizations Tech has to offer. I also co-chair the Sustainability Task Force, as well as contribute as an editor for the student run design publication GrayMatters, which publishes local events, student work, and many interesting articles related to the design world.

For right now, though, I am in Barcelona studying City Development, Culture & Cognition, Digital Photography, and Architecture & Design (those are the titles of the courses, which have many facets and fascinating threads within them). Alongside students native to the area, we live in our own rooms in an apartment building near the heart of the city. Within a quick walk are several beaches, the works of the great architect Antonio Gaudi, the metro connections to the rest of the city, and the labyrinth of streets that makes up the medieval part of the city. The weather here is consistently 75-85F during the day, with nights closer to the 60s. While I am here (from May 17th to July 26th) I will also get two full weeks of travel time, during which we have no classes. I will be using those trips for a few journeys: the two main excursions will be a 7 day tour of Morocco, as well as a 5 day trip into Portugal for a look around Lisbon and a few days of surfing at Peniche, a small coastal village to the north. There is still, though, much to see and do in Barcelona, from amazing architecture, to a wide range of well stocked museums, to a night life that is the envy of the Mediterranean coast. Look for updates on my blog soon! Hasta luego!

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