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BCN June 10, 2010

Posted by mmcdonough6 in Travel Log.
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Hola from Barcelona! It’s almost time for our first week-long break, so I guess it’s a good time to give a first survey of the city. There’s a little bit of my inner architecture nerd coming out here, but it’s truly amazing. I mean, nothing in America is designed like this. If you’re like me and came to Tech as an out-of-stater, you’ll understand how difficult it is to understand Atlanta. There are so many sections, curving streets, and about 15 thousand Peachtree Streets. Not in BCN. The whole city (apart from the older Roman section) is laid out on a grid system, so it’s super easy to navigate even if you don’t understand Spanish. We lucked out a bit and are staying a few blocks away from the beach. Definitely a plus! We haven’t made near enough use of it yet, but that’s sure to come. (more…)


First Week in Cadiz June 4, 2010

Posted by Lisa Thornsberry in Travel Log.
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Hola from Cadiz, Espana!

The first few days here have been amazing! We arrived Monday afternoon and spent the rest of the day meeting our host families. Mine is very nice- an older couple whose extended family comes over several times a day. It was very hard to understand them at first, but it’s already getting easier as our hosts and my roommate and I start to learn how to best communicate with one another.

Our classes started the next morning- one in culture and one in healthcare. We’re learning a lot both in and out of the classroom- today we took two field trips, one to the market and one to a local clinic. The market was enormous- there were almost 200 booths! About half of the booths sold fresh fruit (I had my first taste of fig). The other half had sea food of all shapes and sizes. I saw eel, octopus, shark, and sting ray for sale! The clinic excursion was interesting as well. The whole clinic is dedicated to accident prevention in the work place, so we learned about the safety regulations that they suggest and implement.