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München, Deutschland June 23, 2011

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I spent this past weekend in Munich, Germany. It was my first overnighter on a couchette and I have found that I can’t sleep on couchettes to say the least. After getting maybe 2 hours of sleep we pulled into cold and rainy Munich. My travel buddy Andy, was able to arrange a free hostel courtesy of his uncle. So we dropped our stuff, got breakfast at a small bakery and headed to BMW Welt (Welt German for World). First stop BMW museum, then it was back to BMW welt for an executive tour. BMW world took my breath away. It was a great experience to take in what BMW is all about and the type of warm reception you can pay for to receive if you choose to pick up your BMW at BMW world in Munich.  After a whole day of cars we walked around Olympic park and then went to find a place to eat in the Marienplatz (the main square). It ended up being a pricy but just what we needed Hard Rock Café affair. Totally German right?! The next day we went on Mike’s Bike tours. It was a great combo of history of the city of Munich and some great weather for riding. A visit to the English Gardens for some German sausage did lunch justice. Then we visited Allianz Arena (first match of 2006 World Cup in Munich was played there).  Afterwards we met up with another group: Mariel, Layla, Allie, and Anthony for a nice traditional German dinner back in Marienplatz. The next morning was more memorable than BMW world. We visited Dachau concentration camp and toured the whole place. There is a lot of history and information there but due to us leaving early that afternoon we had to make it a quick walkthrough. Still the memory and the magnitude of what people went through still linger in back of my mind. It’s an eerie reminder of what happens when one person gets too much power. The phrase that comes to mind is “With great power comes great responsibility” Thus comes to a close my adventures in Germany. The Interlaken trip is still the one to beat. Munich made a commendable effort to nab the top spot. Stay tuned for more fellas!

Large Engine statue

This is BMW World people! Where cars are worshipped and they make engines of that caliber as seen above.

City Square

This is up a tower just behind the main thoroughfare that is called MarienPlatz.

Rubbing lion

In Munich a very common sight are lion statues. Rubbing the lion means good luck. I rubbed one and have yet to reap its benefits 🙂


Europe According to Siobahn June 15, 2010

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It’s amazing to think nearly three weeks have gone by since I was standing in my living room cramming that last pair of jeans into my already overstuffed suitcase. Within a week of landing in Frankfurt, I was able to settle into my new home in Metz, France (a very cozy dorm room, complete with a mini kitchen!), take a guided tour of the historical city center, AND embark on our first weekend trip to visit Munich, Germany, all the while attending classes. And I thought I was busy during the school year…

After our first day of class at GTL we were treated to a tour of downtown Metz. In all of the excitement of planning our first few weekends around Europe we had already forgotten to consider the beauty of the city we were already living in. On the walking tour we learned about the history of the city, its architecture, and the people who have lived there.  Metz can only be described as a very “French” town, both based on its architecture, its people and its culture. Despite our great effort to fit in, they can peg us as Americans from a mile away. Nevertheless, the locals have been extremely willing to help us in figuring out the transportation system, how to order in restaurants, and most importantly how to plan our weekend trips. (more…)