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Guten Tag Europe! May 15, 2013

Posted by Parker Buntin in Travel Log.
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Guten Tag Europe!

We have arrived! After a long journey with little sleep, the whole GTL crew has landed at various airports and convened in Metz, France. It is my third day in Europe, and my, it’s certainly been a whirlwind so far! Image

After arriving in Frankfurt around 6am on Mother’s Day, Matt Waples and I walked off our plane to a dreary and rainy Europe. That’s okay though, because after going through customs and collecting our luggage, we found our way to a hotel right next to the airport (we arrived a day earlier than most people, so we decided to split a hotel room for that extra night before the shuttle would leave the following day). Once we were checked in, we each took a nice 6-hour nap. Thanks jetlag!

What to do with an extra day in Europe? Explore! That’s exactly what Matt and I proceeded to do. We woke up, made our way down to the S-Bahn (a German subway system) and grabbed a train into the heart of the Frankfurt. Image

That building looks cool—Okay, let’s go see it! This brief dialogue appropriately began Matt and my somewhat haphazard exploration through Frankfurt. We wandered around and took in all the culture that Frankfurt had to offer, which, as it turns out, is more than the industrial stereotype that most travel websites give it credit for. The sleek, modern look of Frankfurt is attributed to the massive rebuilding that occurred after Frankfurt was bombed mostly to the ground in World War II. That being said, there are some old cathedrals and buildings that give off a cool mix of old and new styles.


“Hallo! Ich spreche ein bisschen deutsch.” Matt and I got to use some of the German we had learned in our respective middle and high schools. Even after not taking German for over a year, I was surprised by how much came back. I can’t wait to use more German on future trips! Matt and I ate dinner at a little German restaurant right next to the Main River, which runs through Frankfurt. The cuisine was interesting, but quite good!


After catching a train back to the hotel from a long day of exploration, Matt and I grabbed some rest before heading off to Metz with the rest of the shuttle the following day. The flight with most people on the shuttle was delayed that next day, but we were all accounted for in the end. The shuttle left for Metz, France that afternoon (Monday, May 13, 2013). Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of the bus ride, because I slept through most of it. When I did wake up, however, I awoke to beautiful German, then French, landscapes out the window. Rolling hills and lush, green grass made me excited to travel on future weekends throughout Europe.

Yesterday (Tuesday, May 15th) was a full day of orientation and exploration both on the GTL campus and in downtown Metz. The orientation was fairly straightforward: lots of rules, advice, and common sense information. It was helpful though, and I appreciated all the orientation info sessions. In the afternoon, some busses took everybody at GTL to downtown Metz. Metz is awesome! It’s a beautiful city with plenty of rich culture and history. Everybody was treated to a short bus tour through Metz, which was informational and a good overview of the city. I’m definitely going to check out Metz some more during my time here!


I’m so glad and fortunate to be in Europe! Au revoir!


One month, one program, and many fantastic experiences! June 9, 2011

Posted by Andy Barrenechea in Travel Log.
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Bonjour amis! (That’s “hi friends” for those of you not fluent in French)

So, just the other day I received my GT Career Services planner from my parents (because I can’t live without it and of course I left it at home), and was filling in my classes when I realized I’ve been in Europe for a whole month now! Crazy!?!? I arrived a week before classes began at GTL and traveled with my sister throughout Germany, Italy, and France and in the past weeks I’ve added to my repertoire of locations visited in Europe. For the first weekend (a 2-day) I decided to stay local and explore the city of Metz with my good friend, Senthuran. Turns out the decision was a good one because we learned where to reserve trains, figured out the bus system, and even got to see St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Check out some pictures below:

The Cathedral in Metz.

In case you get lost!

For the second weekend (a 3-day) I decided to visit Paris, a close, but yet exciting destination. We initially planned on going to the French Open, but soon found out that tickets had to be bought online (bummer!), but that turned out to be a good thing because we were able to see so much more – Eiffel Tower, Rodin Museum, Amaretto (best gelato in the world), Napoleon’s tomb, Versailles, and the Louvre. Check out some pictures below:

I'm underneath the Eiffel Tower!

Best gelato in the world 🙂

Yeah, we wear ponchos!

And finally, this past weekend (a 4-day) the group decided to go to Interlaken, Switzerland and what a beautiful and exhilarating experience this was! When we arrived we went for a short evening hike just outside the town of Interlaken, the second day we went on a longer hike that culminated in a quaint little town called Murren, and on the third day I went Canyoning, which was the most adrenaline-filled 3 hours of my life!!! No pictures are available from the canyoning experience, so a YouTube video will have to do:

That day ended in a short hike to one of the lakes on either side of Interlaken and relaxing in a hot tub at Balmers (our hostel), so all in all an awesome trip! Check out some pictures below:

Lots of places to see!

Check out the vista!

There's snow!

Stay posted for more experiences, people, videos, and photos!!!

Au revoir,


Arriving to Metz!!! May 20, 2011

Posted by Andy Barrenechea in Travel Log.
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It was an epic journey to get here, to say the least! I spent the previous week touring Europe with my sister, and visited many places including Munich, Cologne, Milan, Venice, Paris, and now Metz. The traveling has been extensive, and at times challenging, as I am definitely not fluent in either German, Italian, or French, but I’d say that the measure of my success thus far has been that I’m still alive – and for that I’m thankful. I came in early afternoon on Sunday, May 15th, to Metz via a TGV from dowtown Paris and learned on my way here that not only will an officer on the train wake you up very abruptly to ask for your ticket, he will also charge you a fine for sitting in 1st class, even though you paid extra for it in the first place (although I must say, it was totally worth it!). Initially, I decided to walk to my hostel that I booked through hostelworld.com, but then got completely lost in a bad part of town and was forced to succumb to a taxi and found out that the hostel I had booked was closed, and ended up right across the lake from GTL at the Campanile Hotel, and the food is fantastic! About to get out of my room and walk across the street to move in to Lafayette and see everyone arrive to campus, and then for the GTL banquet at 7 PM….more updates to come!!!

Thanks for reading, or “merci” folks,


Some photos:

My awesome room –>

Metz –>

And GTL –>

Metz Ville – No Place like Home July 26, 2010

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Metz! After a week of classes, we were still exhausted from our forays across Europe, so we decided that we would take the opportunity to see Metz for a weekend. Metz is old, gorgeous, and having bikes makes it much easier to see the city! A few of the highlights:
Metz Cathedral – a massive centerpiece of town that has a gorgeous Sunday morning Mass.
The old town wall – Metz goes back to the Roman days, and still has the ancient wall to prove it! Also, we indulged our inner three-year-olds at the playground nearby!
Rue Serpinoise – Main road through Metz, which includes a massive arch and various sights and shopping
Cemetery – Metz has a cemetery close to the Residences Lafayette that is one of the spookiest I’ve seen. Falling down, it feels haunted just when one enters!
Enjoy the photos!

A bit late but… Bonjour GTL!!! June 28, 2010

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So I’m a bit behind on posts, mostly because I’ve been posting to my individual blog. But here is the post from soon after arriving in Metz and Georgia Tech Lorraine!

Hello from France!

I’m finally all settled in here at GT Lorraine! It has been a whirlwind of a week!

I guess it all started with last Monday: after frantically throwing clothes, school supplies, and anything else that came to mind into my HUGE suitcase, it was a mad dash to the airport. Now that I think about it, it’s kinda amazing that I didn’t forget anything crucial (or at least I haven’t noticed it yet!) (more…)

Europe According to Siobahn June 15, 2010

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It’s amazing to think nearly three weeks have gone by since I was standing in my living room cramming that last pair of jeans into my already overstuffed suitcase. Within a week of landing in Frankfurt, I was able to settle into my new home in Metz, France (a very cozy dorm room, complete with a mini kitchen!), take a guided tour of the historical city center, AND embark on our first weekend trip to visit Munich, Germany, all the while attending classes. And I thought I was busy during the school year…

After our first day of class at GTL we were treated to a tour of downtown Metz. In all of the excitement of planning our first few weekends around Europe we had already forgotten to consider the beauty of the city we were already living in. On the walking tour we learned about the history of the city, its architecture, and the people who have lived there.  Metz can only be described as a very “French” town, both based on its architecture, its people and its culture. Despite our great effort to fit in, they can peg us as Americans from a mile away. Nevertheless, the locals have been extremely willing to help us in figuring out the transportation system, how to order in restaurants, and most importantly how to plan our weekend trips. (more…)