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A Taste of Rome June 22, 2010

Posted by Ethan Craig in Travel Log.
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Where to begin? Rome is so jam packed with things to do it’s easy to just stumble upon things, something that occurred quite often. Saturday evening we decided simply to start walking, with no particular destination in mind, and see what happened. We managed to find ourselves at the Fountain of Four Rivers, in front of the Vatican, at the Castel St. Angelo, the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. We saw all of this just walking through the city! That being said, there was so many other things we could have done. I went to Rome with the mindset that there is simply too much to do in a weekend so I’ll just have to come back someday and do the rest, which isn’t so bad. Consequently, we took our time going around and instead of sprinting from site to site, we were able to stay and enjoy our time at each place. It was an exiting time to be in Rome! Priests were being ordained (or so I was told) and the Pope was actually at the

Vatican, though we didn’t get to see him in person. Also, Italy was playing in the World Cup! We worked our way over to the Fifa Fan Fest, which was packed with Italian football fans. It’s great to be in a country that enjoys football this much! It is truly an international sport and one of the few things that links distant places of the world together. That’s all for now. ‘Til next time, EC


When in Rome! June 9, 2010

Posted by Emi Leonard in Travel Log.
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My weekend was incredible! Most of our group traveled to Venice Friday morning to receive a tour from a true Venetian, our very own Professor Dalle Vacche. It’s absolutely beautiful there. All the boats glide down the canals lined by many homes, each one unique. I felt as if it was all surreal, too perfect to actually be a city in which people lived. The train station was even decorated with mosaics, as if to prepare you for the cultural immersion ahead. Professor Dalle Vacche led us to the Jewish ghetto, which is relevant to our Holocaust in film class, and we had lunch there. Besides the closely packed buildings that were much taller than those outside the ghetto, I thought it was hard to distinguish the two spaces. It is now a very bright and happy place, with the classic clotheslines blowing in the afternoon breeze and flowers on every windowsill. An accordion player serenaded us as we ate delicious pizza and a painter stood in front of his latest work of art. However, I’m sure this is a stark contrast to the space during the World War II era. After lunch, we walked around the city and tried to soak in as much as possible. My favorite spot was a huge bridge that crossed the largest canal right in front of the train station (Venizia St. Lucia). I could have stayed up there for hours just people-watching and relaxing in the sun. Lexie and I also found a Murano glass store that sells gorgeous jewelry, but we didn’t have time to fully explore it so we made a mental note to return there later.

View of Venitian Canal from a Bridge