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Rome July 25, 2010

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May 31-June 4

It is crazy how small this world is.  Our second stop on the trip was Rome.  I am experiencing so much more of the city culture, especially the nightlife, than if I was in these cities by myself.  It is so much fun hanging out in large groups of 20 kids.  I am also surprised at how many Americans are here in Rome.  Last night we met a few from UGA.  They had been studying here all spring and that was their last night before they headed back the Atlanta.

The craziest and most exciting encounter of Americans happened at the Coliseum.  As we were posing for pictures, a girl walks up asking if we went to Georgia Tech, one of our boys was wearing a Tech t-shirt.  She was an incoming freshman and thrilled to run into us.  Small world.  Well, the world got smaller as I soon learned that she was a PS!!  Being an incoming freshman, I announced excitedly that my brother was as well!  The look on her face was priceless when I mentioned my brother’s name.  It couldn’t be, yes it could be, no it couldn’t be, “are you a President’s Scholar?” I asked.  “YES!” she excitedly responded.  Talk about an instant bond.  Cole was with me so he introduced himself and the three of us along with her parents had the best 20 minute conversation about Georgia Tech and how wonderful the PS Program is and how you get to meet so many amazing and interesting people and how the PS Program is a family.  We all surely felt it that afternoon in Rome.  Goodness, besides my brother, she is the first incoming PS freshman I have met.  It makes me miss being a Fall Retreat Leader!


Summer (and travel) approaches! April 28, 2010

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Wow! Spring is just flying by! Spring break is turning into a distant memory, we all enjoyed the spring game (that’s my friends and me at last year’s), Tech beat uga at Turner field, and the days are finally becoming warm and sunny. But in just a few days finals will be upon all of us. While our focus is on studying (most of the time anyway), I know a lot of us can’t wait until summer rolls around, and we can board a plane to destinations far flung.