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Granada, Sevilla, y Cordoba June 21, 2010

Posted by Lisa Thornsberry in Travel Log.
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Just got back from a fabulous four-day weekend traveling throughout Andalucia!

We left Thursday morning for Granada. We had all of the afternoon free to wander the city, which was a wonderful experience. I spent the time making my way to both of the rivers in the city. The first was surrounded by imposing buildings and wide streets with many plazas and gardens, a stark contrast to the second river, which was covered in wild greenery and flanked by centuries-old buildings. I made my way back through the Albaicín, the historically Moorish part of town famous for its tiny cobblestone streets. The whole group then visited the Cathedral, which was impressive to say the least. The towering gray stones housed countless relics of centuries of Catholicism. After the Cathedral we went back to the Albaicín, this time to the gypsy part of the neighborhood. There we saw a flamenco show. It was very different from the flamenco we saw in Cadiz; though there was less movement and technicality to the dancing, the overall impression was much prettier. It was a very enjoyable evening.
The next morning we visited La Alhambra, which was my favorite site of the whole weekend trip. La Alhambra was a fortress and a palace, the oldest parts of which date back to the ninth century. We started at the fortress part, the Alcazaba, where we climbed up an ancient tower to see a great view of Granada far below. Then we hustled over to the Palacios de los Nazaries, where we spent the majority of our time. Every inch of the palace is elaborately decorated in the traditional Moorish style, and the impression is overwhelmingly beautiful. The size of the palace is unbelievable as well; whenever I thought we were coming to the end, we would turn the corner and see four or five more rooms. The beauty of the building was accentuated by the courtyards full of vibrant plants and fountains. I was completely in awe. And if that weren’t enough, we finished the visit at the Generalife section of La Alhambra, which is composed of wandering pathways through humongous gardens.