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Viva Italia! June 10, 2010

Posted by Davis McKnight in Travel Log.
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Hey all! Greetings from Vienna, Austria- I just embarked on a twelve hour bus ride along with the other 42 members of Group 2 from Venice, Italy to here. Our trip began in Florence thirteen days ago, and we’ve been going 1000 miles per hour ever since. After 4 days there, we trekked over to Rome with a small side trip to Sienna along the way. Four more days in Rome, then we headed to Venice, stopping in at Ravenna to see the famous mosaics at St. Vitale. After four days in Venice, we’re sad to be leaving the gelato and pizza of Italy but excited to see Austria!

Florence was the perfect place to begin because it’s small enough that you can walk pretty much anywhere, but it’s still filled with young people and cool places to go/ things to see. We hit the ground running from Day 1, and spent our first night exploring the city. The next 3 days were filled with museums, and we saw things like Michelangelo’s ‘David’, Massacio’s ‘Tribute Money’, and Donatello’s ‘Mary Magdalene.’ I’m learning so much about art and architecture, and it’s so cool to be able to talk about and appreciate the many pieces of art we’re seeing! Another highlight of Florence was my climb to the top of Il Duomo- 463 steps for the most gorgeous view I’ve ever seen. We spent our first 2 evenings hanging out in a square next to the Uffizi, where they had a pianist playing and light shows being reflected off all the artwork surrounding the square, then on the third night we discovered a spot on the hillside facing our hotel with a view rivaling that of Il Duomo. I really enjoyed spending four whole days getting to know the city, figuring out the cool spots to hang out and how to get around. (more…)